BBBW premature shutdown using Bela cape

Have been directed here from Bela who are unable to help.

Using BBBW with a Bela cape booting from Bela image on SD card (latest).

BBBW shuts down during programme execution after a variable amount of time. As low as 1S up to about a minute.

This occurs irrespective of the code, audio conditions or IDE activity I’m using the simplest ‘Passthrough’ project for test purposes.

No messages appear prior to shutdown. The IDE simply reports being disconnected and the BBBW shuts down.

Hope you can point me in the right direction.


Hi. Yes looks like it but it's a 2A supply. There could be thermal issues as it was exceptionally hot here yesterday (27-30). Later in the day with temps below 25 shutdowns were ocurring only after a few hours. This may be a coincidence so will be following this up.

Will be off the grid for a couple of weeks so will pick this up on my return.

Thanks for your help.

How are you powering your system? This looks like a flaky or too-small power supply