BBBW product image

I wanted to make a blog post about the BBBW, and needed an image to use.

For sanity sake, I recommend that people do not make a Google image search for BBBW at work. Definitely NSFW!


Haha, I usually search for “beaglebone black wireless” I’m glad I never did look for BBBW :wink:

I have been using the BBB image and haven’t installed the BBBW one, everything works correctly as far as I could tell. I asked in another thread what the difference was, but didn’t get a response.

BBB = BeagleBone Black.
BBBW = BeagleBone Black Wireless.

If you have a BBB device, then yes, I imagine either image works. But if you have a BBBW device, then you’ll need the “wireless” build which contains the necessary drivers and related files to support bluetooth and wifi.


For production boards, (that have a proper eeprom) there is no
difference between the IOT images marked for BBB or BBBW..

However for the oem/manufactures there's a big difference on what
happens on first bootup. :wink: (initial eeprom writing..)