BBD LED light chasing after SDCard boot

I've downloaded and copied on a microSD the bone-debian-7.6 image found here ( When I boot on microSD (using boot button), LED starts blinking showing CPU and SD activity. After some seconds everything stops and the four LED start doing a light-chaser (right to left, then left to right), nothing more happens ...
Pressing RESET has no effect (goes back to light chasing). And now when booting without the SDCard , my BBB doesn’t boot anymore from eMMC.

What could happened ?



You downloaded the "flasher" it's flashing the eMMC. if you plug in a
usb-serial adapter you can watch it's progress.


OK, i didn’t notice this progress indicator last time I flashed the ubuntu image …
I waited a bit more, and four LEDs came up.
Now my BBB is up and running Debian 7.6 !

Thanks for your help.