BBE Industrial 1GB ram

Seems like there is an equivalent of BBB Industrial with 1GB ram available for pre order from San Cloud, shipping 14th Jan 2019. I wonder if it can run the images from Robert Nelson, though I am guessing that they probably would


Ahh, doesn’t ship to many countries. Wish they were sold through resellers like Arrow, element14 and such.

Did they confirm that they only ship to limited countries?

Their estimate shipping options has many countries missing, so that’s what I was basing it on. Contacted them through the form on their website and waiting of a reply.

Please share their reply when you receive it. I have their direct email and can share if they dont reply you

Sry for the late reply. They did respond promptly and are willing to ship using a different service for unlisted countries. Ordered some and eagerly waiting to test out the gigabit Ethernet on these.