[BBG] Boot from sd card

Hi to everyone!

I am using a Beaglebone Green and I need to start my device from sd instead from firmware on eMMC.
I need to use pins assigned by default to eMMC, so i disabled uboot overlays about eMMC in uEnv.txt file.
When I insert a new sd card to boot system from it, I see the Beaglebone to install a new firmware on the eMMC, i suppose… Leds D2-D3-D4-D5 light syncroniusly every time I restart the system, and it takes about 10 minutes to be ready.

What I am wronging?

What image are you flashing to your microSD? Sounds like it’s an eMMC flasher, get the normal image…


Hi Robert,
I’m using this image:

I am not sure to do the correct steps. I summarize what I want to do:

1- I have to be able to boot my beaglebones from sd card. I have to work with different BBGs, and all of them have to boot from a copy of my sd card;

2- I have to use pins reserved to eMMC as GPIO. I uncommented the line “#disable_uboot_overlay_emmc=1” from uEnv.txt file.

Can you plug in and adapter into J1 so we can see what it is actually doing…



What should I see?
Unitil now, I am communicating with BBG using the USB port on card and a serial terminal on my computer.

There are some news:
I have inserted a sd card, flashed with an image of the same debian version and with an update of uEnv.txt file (I just uncommented the line “#disable_uboot_overlay_emmc=1”);
If I turn on BBG, the leds on it remain turned on. What it means?

I attach a video.

Is there a guide to follow to set by default the booting from sd card and ignore eMMC using the pins dedicated to it?

Hi @GiovanniMo looks like normal operation to me…

Based on the LED pattern, it’s running of the micoSD…