BBxm DVI_+5V current limit


I have a BBxm rev C1 powered from the +5V jack. I am using an unpowered dvi to vga adapter (based on LT8511A), so it takes its power from the DVI_+5V in the hdmi connector. When the board starts booting, the current needs of the LT8511A are less than 100mA, so everything works fine, but when plymounth loads, the LT8511A has a inrush current that exceeds the 100mA limit, so the PTC RXEF010 triggers, cutting the DVI_+5V power and shutting down the adapter.

My question is: if I shortcircuit the PTC, what could be the current limit for the DVI_+5V pin? Could this interfere with other components of the BBxm?

Thanks in advance for your help

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You remove it, the current limit will be all the power your DC supply can deliver. Worst case, you burn up some etch on the board.


Hi Gerald,

Thanks a lot for the fast response. I was unsure about it.