BBxM rev C && network not found

Hi all,
I used successfully Angstrom in my old BBxM rev B installed in a 2GB
micro SD .

Now I received a new BBxM rev C and I plugged in the board the same SD
usend for rev B.

I've seen that network interface isn't working in the rev C with my
old SD while it works fine with the demo micro SD provided with the
BBxM rev C.

Searching in the other posts they say to rebuild kernel with some
modification but to avoid this I found a solution.

If you have the same problem you only have to copy the /boot/ folder
in the root file system of the demo SD to the same folder in your "not
working" SD....

Let me know.... :wink:

Rev C requires a different Uboot than the REV B. The control of the HUB power is different.


Yes, I already replaced the Uboot with the new version because it also
works with Rev B.

Another thing. I have seen that you need to plug in the cable on boot up for it to find the network. Just as a check is D14 on?


Considering the "rev B" as the same gpio id as "rev A", that statement
doesn't prove it has "rev C" support..

Watch the serial boot, as your u-boot.bin loads, it should say
"detected Rev C" or something similar..