BBxM - Ubuntu 10.10 - Linphonec

I'm using linphonec to set the BBxM as a VoIP audio phone.
I'm using the kernel 2.6.37-x1 and alsa works fine.
I used apt-get to install linphonec application. I can use the command
line to manage that application, I can register on the sip server but
I just hear noise ... like a chopped sound!

I'm using PCM u-Law

codec list

0: PCMU (8000) enabled
1: PCMA (8000) enabled
2: speex (32000) disabled
3: speex (16000) disabled
4: speex (8000) disabled
5: GSM (8000) enabled


soundcard show

Ringer device: ALSA: omap3beagle
Playback device: ALSA: omap3beagle
Capture device: ALSA: omap3beagle

Any idea?


Does your audio work without linphonec?

2011/1/28 Ric.Rug <>

Yes! Speakertest, mplayer... works!
Linphonec rings fine when I call it but conversation goes
intermittentling... I can't understand the voice ... the message
sounds unrecognizable!

Update: If I set "soundcard use files" into linphonec and a listen the
recorded wav file... it sounds fine!!!

rebuild linphone changing:
#define ALSA_PERIOD_SIZE 1024
instead of
#define ALSA_PERIOD_SIZE 256
into /mediastreamer2/src/alsa.c