BDI 3000 with BEAGLE

Hi ,

We are trying to use the BDI3000 to debug software on Beagle board . But we are not able to debug the board .

We have used b30allgd.108 firmware file and Omap35xx.cfg and Reg3500.def files for configuration of BDI .

But the error we are getting is

-TARGET:BDI executes scan chain init string -TARGET:Bypasscheck

0x0000001->0xffffffff -TARGET:JTAG exists check failed #

-TARGET:resetting target failed # JTAG:Communication with target failed .

We have also modified the cable connecting from BDI (TARGET A ) to Beagle board , w.r.t to the connections of TI and BDI documentation .Thew configuration used is atatched here .

It worked for a while when we changed the WAKEUP delay to 8000, but could not get connected every time we power on .

The connection details are as follows .


9 5 VCC

7 2 TRST

8 3 TDI

6 1 TMS

4 11 TCK

10 7 TDO

3,5 4,8 GND

Kindly let us know where we are going wrong .

Thanks & regards ,


omap35xx.txt (2.76 KB)

As I don’t have the BDI product, I won’t be able to help you. Maybe someone in the community has experience with this device. I would think your best bet is to contact BDI for OMAP34xx or OMAP35xx support.


Hi Sairam,

I am facing this same issue with MIPS64. Did you happen get way to resolve the issue, if yes please share the way?


I am facing the same issue with MIPS64. Did you happen find the way to resolve this issue, if yes please share the way?