Beableboard non volatile memory (xM or Rev C4)


I've to buy a beagleboard, i must choose between Rev C4 and xM.
I've to instal linux and my software on a beagleboard, I don't want
use sd card but i want use a flash memory.

The Beagleboard xM don't have any flash memory on bord?


The -xM does not boot from flash. The -01 version has it in the memory device iinstalled, but you cannot boot from it. You must use the SD card for booting.


Hi Alex,

That is true, the BeagleBoard xM does not have any flash memory. The board does have a micro-SD card slot.

The revision C4 does have NAND-based flash memory as well as a standard-size SD card slot.

Is there a reason you would prefer to use non-removable flash instead of an SD card?

Hi Jeff

I think that Using flash memory would save the cost of the SD Card
Do you think the solution sd + connector has a cost greater than or
less than the flash solution?

Hi Alex - I can honestly say that I don’t have the foggiest idea. :slight_smile: I would suspect that flash is more expensive than the SD connector, but I really don’t know.