Beaghlebone Black stone dead

Hello everyone,
I have a Beaglebone Black that will not power up. Last week it was working but today it appears to be completely dead. I tried using three different methods to power it up, USB from a PC, USB power from a USB phone charger that I have used in the past to power the BBB and a 3A 5V wall wart through the barrel jack. None of those power sources will even illuminate the power LED between the Ethernet jack and the barrel jack. It’s as if the PMIC is dead or was somehow zapped. I have tried pushing and holding the power button but nothing. The power light does not even blink or flash. Between last friday and today I have not touched it though a coworker had to move my board to use my desk. It was not connected to any power source so it couldn’t have been shorted. My only guess is ESD.

But the bigger problem is I have lost 4 solid days of work as it is all on the eMMC and I forgot to backup (my dumb fault). My only hope is if I can back feed the SoC power from the headers therefor bypassing the PMIC. But from the looks of the schematics and manual, the SoC depends on the PMIC to control the reset and power signals.

Am I looking at a total loss or is there any hope of powering the board or reading the eMMC?

Request an RMA.

We will see if we can recover the eMMC data. Make sure you add that to the RMA request.…All_Revisions