Beaginner - Need help on where to start for Display

I want to setup an old 4.3" display. The display is the one used in the PSP 1000 (LQ043T1DG03) and I have found the data sheet. It is a
24 bit RGB lcd and the beaglebone has the LCD gpios in the P8 header.

I’m still waiting on my tools and supplies to ship but where can I’d like help before my orders arrive. I have done a lot of googling and I’ve found that some people have the screen working but for other boards.

My questions are:
Should any 16/24 bit work display work with the Beaglebone Black?

This guy ( has it working on a DE0-Nano and in the tutorial, he uses a driver chip. What I want to know is what are my options? For a peripheral to work, do I need a driver chip for it or can that be programmed (as I frequently download drivers for mice, keyboards etc).

What is a device tree and will I need it to get this to work?
What else would I need, software wise, to get a a peripheral to work?

My questions are a bit general, I am more interested in how I use other peripherals and addons assuming they do not come working out-of-the-box.