Beagle Black Wireless crashing about 3min after boot .

Hello, so all is in the tittle, my brand new beagle black wireless doesn’t do so well after 3 min the kernel crash whatever the the fresh image I use the (4-6-2020 IOT flash or the 4-27-2021 iot TEST flash) is this a know situation or it’s an hardware failure ?
for more information the dhp server take a while for starting ( only with the 4-27-2021 ) (i’m on Mac M1) and the HDMI screen start to flicker one or two times after boot and login before never coming back unless I restart the whole linux system…
thanks for any help.

Run and report the output of:

sudo /opt/scripts/tools/ 


Hum in fact I can’t even do that the board crash before I can reach the shell script…
mean while I can perfectly flash the emmc until we are init with all the version of linux … I have tested the last console , the last 04-06-2020, and the test 04-27-2021 … same result crash after 1 or 2min

The board is an official brand new one,
I plane to use it mainly via ssh on usb for ti hardware study,
may i get a link for a supposed general working image ? (I m on Mac M1 big Sur)
as you may figure out, any help would be very nice, I get it for (109 euros that’s an expensive model and nicely designed by the way…)
you can measure my deception if I can’t make it working…
Thanks Julien.

HI @jp_a do you have a USB serial adapter so we can see what’s it is doing on boot-up?

Give this image a try:


That’s all good now,
I have found the last test image console working like a charm
every things is fine ! thanks again for this amazing product.