Beagle boar not working

Hi Team,

    I Adarsh working for Knowx Innovations(Bangalore , India) As
Embedded Engineer . we recently purchased two beagle boards -XM from
Tenet technetronics(Bangalore , India) out of two Boards one of the
Board main processor is getting heated up & the second board LAN &
USB's are not detecting but board is working fine we tried with all
possibilities but still boards are not working . we had raised RMA
request but we dint receive any respond from your end we are really
not satisfied with the service as well as boards durability hope you
will address this issue

RMA raised in the name of vignesh



Sometimes the RMA form does not work in certain browsers. Fill out the information asked for in the form into an email. Email it to

Your RMA request was not received. We cannot respond to something we do not receive.