Beagle Board - Auto On/Off

Hey guys.

Just wanted to start by saying I'm new here, and am willing to learn
what's required of me, just wanted some guidance.

I wish to use the BB for a project where I can get it to turn itself
on automatically, run a few simple tasks, and turn itself off,
repeated multiple times over the course of a single day. Is there a
simple way of doing this, and if not, could anyone give me some
guidance on the best way I could look to do this?

I'm running Angstrom on a Rev C3 Beagleboard.

Thanks alot for your time, appreciate any help I can get.

As i remember from checking out this previusly, the command to
shutdown Linux is 'shutdown', but this command is only supported in
the 'pm' image (power management)

This info might be wrong by now :slight_smile:

do you need BB to be absolutely powerless between “active modes” or something like hibernate mode would fit?

2010/9/12 tallakt <>

Thanks for the reply.

A hibernate mode would be fine, provided the connected USB devices
aren't powered. The BB is going to be kept at a remote location and
powered off a battery, so the less power consumption the better.

I guess I can worry about completely turning it off completely down at
a later stage of the project.