beagle board files

salmo allikm warhmat allah wabrakato

can some one tell me the senario pf beagle board xm when booting
really i need it urgent because i confused

i want when board power on first file will be invoked and it'f

i want steps until i get login in

really i need it

thanks so much

i want this DM3730 Boot Sequence
like on net for omap in simple points
need it necessary

Despite your desire to make it very very simple, some things cannot be made that simple. I suggest you read the section in the TRM on the boot process.

Processor turn on.
Processor runs code found in the onchip ROM.
Processor reads boot pins.
Based on the boot pins, it sets the next step in the boot process.


thanks so much
i saw this link
about omap
as i understood that processor run rom memory code
that rom code have to make decision about who will boot from sd card ,serial or nand
if serial respond to it ok if no
see sd card
and search in part ion of it about Mlo files
can tell me information about mlo files and it’s usage and with any language is written
what said right?
does xm processor like that without nand?
thanks so much

MLO is loaded from NAND or the SD card. It sets up the DDR interface and all the other required HW. It loads UBoot, UBoot then initializes the rest of the HW and loads the Kernel. You can do a google search on MLO and Uboot for more information.


HW refer to hard ware
ok in beagle board

user button for sw
in each casese use it ?

Use User Button to force a boot from the SD card on the BeagleBoard. No user button will boot from NAND.
Do not use the User Button on the BeagleBoard-xM. It will always boot from SD card because it has no NAND. Push the User Button on boot and it will never boot.

Feel free to read the System Reference Manuals for each of the boards to understand the difference and how they work from a HW (Hardware) perspective.