[beagle board] Not able to connect to DSP of OMAP3430

I was trying to connect to beagle board using CCS. When I try to connect Cortex it gives me message as shown in cortex.jpg. If I select ‘yes’ it will go ahead but later when I try to connect to DSP, it gives error message as shown in ‘c6400.jpg’. It says, not able to find DSP clock. What does that mean? Has the processor gone bad? Or any problem with board? Has any body faced similar issue?

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Which .ccs file did you use for the configuration? Did you use the GEL file to start the DSP clock and take the DSP out of reset? That is required before you can connect to the DSP.

What is the target board? Beagle? You should be using service pack 11 and the OMAP3530 chip support package. There is an OMAP3530 configuration.