Beagle Board rev C4 layers (in PDF)

     Attached is the zip files that contain the PDF version of the .brd file for rev C4 (just in a remote case of someone wanting to see or print them). I was unable to get the info I needed though (diametre of the holes, distance between the midpoints of the holes and distance between the mid-point of the hole and the edge of the board).

SV. (1.95 MB)

I suggest you read up on the free viewer. It tells you how to do this. Hit the F5 key while having selected the PCB area of the screen. Then you can select FIND on the right and select what you want to see. Then, when you select the item back onto the PCB area, a box will display with the information. Also, on the very first page when you open the file is a table with all of the hole sizes listed by a letter that corresponds to the whole sizes as denoted by a letter to the left.


When I select the scale tool and click on the Mounting hole, I get the following info.

CONNECT PIN MH2.1 @ (2775.00 2425.00)
CONNECT PIN MH2.1 @ (2775.00 2425.00)

Dist = 0.0000 Total Dist = 0.0000
Manhattan Dist = 0.0000 Dx = 0.0000 Dy = 0.0000
No air gap, both picks are the same element.

The info for the hole is shown as below (but it does not give any clue about the size).

LISTING: 1 element(s)
Reference Designator: MH2
Package Symbol: MH230-156
Component Class: IC
Device Type: TESTPT1_0_MH230-156_MOUNTING HO
Placement Status: PLACED
origin-xy: (2775.00 2425.00)
rotation: 0.000 degrees
Designator: F168
Pin(s): 1
Properties attached to component definition
Pin IO Information:
Pin Type SigNoise Model Net


Also, I did not find any ‘page’ on the left with info. How do I get to it? Attached is the screenshot of how my screen looks like when I open the .brd file.


If you turn on the correct layer, it gives a hole chart that shows all of the holes and their sizes.

Do a ctrl-F5
Select group: Manufacturing group
Turn on Nclegend-1-6
A hole chart will appear.
You can then turn on the different layers and see which hole aligns with which letter
Then look it up in the chart to the right.


Uninstalled the 16.2 version and installed 15.7 and now see what you were saying…

And I guess 156mils = 3.9mm (according to: which I found when I googled for “156 mils in mm”) Thanks a lot for the help Gerald Regards, Sri On 2/2/2010 12:06 PM, Gerald Coley wrote:

Hi Sri,

I’m using Free Viewer 16.2 to view the Beagle Board file. And yes 40 mil ~= 1mm => 156mil = 3.9mm J

You can change the default setting in the Free Viewer to mm in the “Setup/Design Parameters…/Design”-menu in case you want…

And for another time, please don’t ever again send 300KB and 3MB of data to the email-list as you did in some of your previous posts J

– Remember the mail is going to 2.500+ members…

Best regards – Good luck