Beagle board Validation problem as per procedure given in the Reference manual


I got new beagle board Version C3. I am new to this environment.
I am trying to test board as per BEAGLE VALIDATION PROCEDURE given in the reference manual
I am facing problem in : EDID test, keyboard, mouse, Audio in test .

As per procedure I copied all files in order in SD card :

  1. MLO as MLO
  2. u-boot as u-boot.bin
  3. u-boot for flash as u-boot-f.bin
  4. ramdisk image as ramdisk.gz
  5. Kernel (uImage) as uImage.bin
  6. reset.scr as boot.scr
  7. x-loader image as x-load.bin.ift
  8. Regular script file as normal.scr
    I get all tests passed till Keyboard , Mouse & Audio & Video

A) Now to test Keyboard , Mouse & Audio etc**-- How to go from** [root@beagleboard /]# to [root@beagleboard mmc]# – ?
As per procedure to go to MMC, directory not found error is coming

Is there any missing DIRECTORY MMC from any of the above 8 files copied?

B) Also while testing EDID in U-boot: I am not getting the display as suggested by you or similar

C) Also during test of -
Press the “User” switch/button on the Beagle Board. While it’s still pressed, give power to (turn ON) the Beagle Board, by inserting the USB A connector side of the USB cable to HOST machine, then release the switch.

I am not getting 40V at start, rest of the whole displayed things are seen on the terminal correctly.

Pl. help so that I can confirm that my board is perfect & I can concentrate on further development.

With regards

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