Beagle Board with lauterbach debugger

Hi all,

I am using lauterbach debugger for debugging cortexa8 target compiled
application on beagle board.

As I was now able to connect the beagle board with lauterbach debugger
and able to load cortexa8 target compiled application (compiled with
Real View compiler tools (RVCT) tool chain .axf).

But the problem is with running the application on beagle board,

When I ran the application after loading, it is causing exception with
the SVC instruction (SVC 0x123456) before coming to main function of

Please suggest me and help me in this problem, how to handle this SVC
instruction exception and go further?

and If any one had found these problems when using lauterbach debugger
with beagle board or this types of problems in your applications.

Please give me your thoughts and inputs.

Thanks in advance,