Beagle board x15 board bring up

Hi, I have bought beagle board x15 and i am trying to boot the board using generated buildroot images (MLO, sdcard.img, u-boot.img, zImage, am57xx-beagle-x15.dtb, rootfs.tar).

By default, at power on it is booting from eMMC and i can able to see desktop screen through HDMI port available. But i want to use debug console and also want to boot from my custom images build from buildroot. Please let me know the process for loading my images to sdcard and also suggest me the corresponding boot strap settings.

Thank you.

The difference between the Beaglebone Black and the beagleboard x15 in case of boot order is, that the x15 boot first from micro-sd card and second from emmc. The Beaglebone Black the other way around.
The X15 have also the additional functionality to boot from SATA and UART first.

Take a loot into page 32 here:

On the beaglebone black you can press and hold the boot button to boot temporary from micro-sd first instead of a (working/bootable) emmc.
On the X15 you just have to insert the micro-sd card and then turn it on. It should then boot from the micro sd card.

Try booting from microsd card out with this image:

Extract it with your computer, write with the dd-programm (or balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives ) the am57xx-debian-10.11-lxqt-armhf-2021-12-01-4gb.img into a micro-sd card, insert the card into the X15 and then power it on.
Does it then boot from the micro-sd card?

When it does boot from the micro-sd card and you dont need the content of the emmc, its more simple to delete the content of the emmc storage (dd if=/dev/zero … ) when booted with the micro-sd card to make sure when it boot, the only thing it can boot from is the micro-sd card because there is nothing else containing any data to boot from.

You can also configure /boot/uEnv.txt (and /etc/fstab) to boot from the storage you like but i would recommend for the beginning to work with “wiped storage” to try out everything.