beagle board x15 speed and other things

Hello all,

I want to use X15 with usrp b210,b205 and 2932. My question is if I connect usb series usrp with high speed 3.0 port of X15. then Will it support the highest sampling rate on USRP?. What is the maximum I can acheive?. Even with core i7 high speed ports it gives 40 MHZ hardly and sometimes overflows and underruns.

Another question. What is the maximum USB 3.0, Esata, main Data Bus (through which ports and emmc is connected) and eMMC read and write speed on X15 board?.

I want to use it as a single board computer for my mini usrp b205. I want to buy it soon. Need suggestions urgently. Whether to buy this thing for USRP or not.