Beagle Board xM - Extended Temperature Range

I've got an application that the BeagleBoard xM fits really well, but
I need an extended temperature range (-40C preferred, -20C ok).

I've gone through the major components on the the A3a BOM, and, while
most of it is all at least -40C to 85C, the following components

Display Controller: TFP410PAP - 0 to 70, Industrial version TFP410PAP-
EP available that does -55 to 125
LAN/USB Hub: LAN9514-JZX - 0 to 70, Industrial version LAN9514i-JZX
available that does -40 to 85
25MHz Oscillator: ECS-250-20-5PVX - -10 to 70
B3F-1000 Switches - -25° to 70°C

Of course, I feel sorry for the person pressing the switches at -40C.

There may be a few others components on the list, I just went for the
major ICs, but if this system is going to be industrial range, all the
components need to be there, else, it might be better to go back to
commercial grade on the DM3730 for cost-reduction.

That would make me sad though, because I wouldn't be able to use it.

What do you think?

- Alex

You are free to build the board to your standards and substitute whatever components you choose. The design is Open Source and you can modify it as you choose.


Hi Alex,

If you need industrial temperature range you might be interested in
IGEPv2 board: