Beagle board-xM Rev B cross compiled file not working on Beagle board-xM Rev C

I have recently bought a new Beagle board xM Rev C. I had earlier codes that used to run fine on Rev B of BB-xM.

Initially the same procedure for installing the angstrom on Rev B of BB-xM didnt work on Rev C. but finally i managed to work the way out and installed the angstrom on the Rev C BB-xM via the SC card

The next problem i faced was that after x-cmpiling the file and copying it into the following path

/media/arm/home/root/prog (where “arm” is the name of the linux partition)

on running the BB-xM althought it had the file on the SD card, it gives the error message as
-sh: : not found.
the exact screen shot can be seen at!

I think i am doing something fundamentally wrong with this new version Rev C. as the same process to run the file works perfectly in the Rev B of BB-xM