Beagle Board-xM Rev.C is not turning on

Hi all,
         I have a Beagle Board-xM Rev.C which is powered by an adapter
rated at 5V,2.5A. When i plugged in this adapter, only the led D14
(which is between the USB ports) turned on. rest all were off.
When i measured the voltages at the testing points specified in
Beagle Board-xM Rev.c reference manual (i.e., section 11 page.145),
only the following points showed voltages

DC_IN =5.14V
DC_5V_USB = 5.14V
HUB_3V3 = 3.32V

rest all the test points were showing 0V.

when did some schematic study and checked the hardware again, found
out that U31(i.e., NCP349MNAE) ic has gone bad.
There was another NCP349MNAE ie., U32 which is working fine and can i
claim that this is the reason for LED D14 to turn on..??

What could be the reason for U31 damage..??

By looking at the Voltages at the testing points, is there any way to
tell, has any other ic gone bad??
is there any way to tell whether DM3730 and TPS65950 damaged or not??

It has been 3months and 2 weeks since i purchased this board, can i
claim RMA..??
if the warrenty is void by 2-weeks should i have to pay for the
what is the proceedure to rise RMA..??

thanking you,
Shravan Kulkarni

Request an RMA.


Hi Gerlad,
Thank you for your reply. Is there any way to know the status of other ic in case if they are gone bad based on the testing point voltages that are mentioned in the above post.??

Shravan Kulkarni

Not really. It needs to be looked at by the RMA team. They will run a full test and determine the overall extent of damage. If the NCP part is bad then no power will be supplied to the TPS65950, so all those voltages would be 0V.


Thank you for the quick reply. If im rising rma what is the proceedure to follow. If im making any payment how should i have to do that.??

Shravan Kulkarni

There most likley will me no charge. If there is, they will instruct you on what to do.


Thanks Gerald, you have been of great help. Happy New Year.

Shravan Kulkarni