Beagle Bone Bit error rate tester/generator

Our engineering group supports a satellite ground system. We presently use a Firebird MC6000 BERT to simulate a framesync and data pattern. Our idea is to use the Beaglebone Black to play a scripted data and framesynch pattern into our ground system. The firebird functions but requires a great deal of manipulation to enter data into the test equipment to make it work.

I want to develop a method in which I can enter data through EXCEL and play it back through the beagle bone and into our system.

Any ideas are welcomed.

Don Anderson

BERT SD Stream Crash Test 20150115.xlsx (146 KB)

What are your data transfer rate and formatting requirements are for moving the bits out of the BBB, into the test equipment?
I would go buy the book “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” for ideas about how to deal with Excel spreadsheets in Python, and how to set up the export format.
— Graham