Beagle Bone Black and STEMMA

I am wondering if I can use i2c → STEMMA QT connected to a sensor with a beagle bone black.

That should work. Description says you can use the sensor from 3.3v micro. If using I2C you need pull-up resistors. There are none on the BBB, so unless they are on the sensor board you will need to add some.

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Thank you for the insight.

Sorry I am really new to all of this. If I didn’t use i2c do I have other options? I am wanting to hook up at least 2 of these to a beagle bone black.

Is there any resources to read up on the beagle bone black?

assuming you can set the i2c address on the module, you could hook them up on the same i2c bus. If you can’t you would need to use two i2c busses.

Looking at the sensor docs you could also use spi and then provide 2 separate chips selects, one to each board, but that would mean extra wiring.

the other thing you have to think about is how far away from the BBB are you going to place the sensors. Not sure over what distance i2c works, would need to google it.