Beagle Bone Black Angstrom and Ubuntu remove packages, know free space in each distribution

Hi, I am new in BeagleBone Black and I have some doubts.

Somebody knows whats is the free size space that I have if I install the Angstrom distribution in my BBB? And if I install Ubuntu?

I saw that Ubuntu image has 1.8G, but I did not find the information about the free space and the space that the Ubuntu takes!! I want to know how much space I have free.

Anyone have this information? I installed the Angstrom but I had been a lot of difficult to find information about the system. I am not sure about the packages that I can uninstall, for example. I will not use the HDMI, so I want remove this package. I want to remove the packages that I don’t need, but I find hard to identify what I can remove.

Can someone help me, please?!!?

It sounds as though you need to learn more about Linux in general. This way, you could build your own custom distro of choice. Angstrom, and Ubuntu sound like they’re around the same size on the MMC. However, again you can make a custom version of either, and shrink it down some.

Another option would be to install Debian + LXDE, but you’re going to have to learn more about Linux no matter what you do.

Thank you William!
Yeah, Ubuntu image has almost the same size that Angstrom (1.7G ), but I cant find the information about the free size that is available after the installation.
I will try to flash the Ubuntu and see… Angstrom has 1.1GB after installation in the BBB, so there is 600MB of free memory in the eMMC.