Beagle Bone Black Expansion board designed by Kernel Masters

Dear all,

we have designed an expansion board for Beagle Bone Black, for easy learning and practice purpose. Below mentioned are the components available and the picture of the board:

  1. 16 X 2 Monochrome LCD

  2. DS1307 RTC


  4. ENC28J60(SPI to Ethernet)

  5. Accelerometer Sensor (ADXL345)

  6. General Purpose switches (UP , DOWN , ENTER)

  7. General purpose LEDs

  8. Buzzer

  9. USB to TTL Converter (FT232)

  10. CAN Controller

  11. RS485

  12. LM35 Temperature sensor

  13. UART expansions x 3

  14. Boot switch, Power switch, reset switch

Kindly contact us if interested to purchase.


Thanks and Regards,

Kishore Kumar Boddu,


9949062828 / 9963111073

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