Beagle Bone Black Firmware Source Code

Hi @Ankur i’m not really sure what you are actually asking from me. I’ve given you all the links to the various project repos.

The next step is really up to you to make a choice to dive in or not…

If you are looking for ready to go training materials for Linux driver development, there are many other sources that advertise that capabilities. Bootlin/Baylibre/etc…


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your prompt help and responses.

I am just looking compatible hardware with which I can try my pcie linux device driver development excercise for skillup.

For an example, it may be some realtek board compatible with AI-64 board or it could be some other video or audio or storage or some other board from other vendors.

See my objective is to earn expertise in Linux PCIE device driver development. I am just trying to get hardware on which I can develop my device driver. The base board I finilized as BeagleBone AI-64 , now only second board which with communicate with AI-64 board remains, so I।m looking for same. Any link or board number or IC-Number which can be compatible with AI-64 board will be fine here.


It’s pcie, a quick search on Amazon will get you the pcie adapter. Then it’s up to you to find a pcie device you want to work on.