Beagle Bone Black with ethernet switch

Hi guys,
I am new to Beagle bone.
Aim 1 of Project: I have ethernet switch (something like this±+Switches-_-9B-33-704-027&gclid=CjwKEAjwka67BRCk6a7_h_7Pui8SJABcMkWRJanaF2JSh2399guLZUgTahzWV_SHpo6P-wbi9e8wkhoCOuXw_wcB)

I have two Beagle Bone Black. I connect each of them with ethernet wire to that ethernet switch. I have set ip address of both beagle bone as static. Now I want them to communicate among themselves, but i am unable to do that ? Any Suggestions ?

Aim 2 of Project: I connect a ethernet wire from Beagle Bone black to laptop, now how to access beaglebone ? (I am not connecting USB). Beagle bone is powered by external 5 V power supply.

Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Connect your laptop to your switch and your bone to your switch and it
will work fine
If you want laptop to bone with no switch you need a crossover cable.

your bone to bone via switch should work fine.

I think hes asking how to communicate between two beagelbones over ethernet . . .which . . . this is not a programmers 101 forum . . .