Beagle Bone Blue issue

I have Beagle Bone Blue running Ardu Pilot. I powered it through USB 2.0 and then 75% battery charging LED, power blue LED and Green and Red LED are simply on with no other LED on including wifi. Can anyone help with fix or resolution of the issue. I purchased it through authorised reseller Tanotis…any option of RMA to get it repaired…less than 30 days old board.



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Yeah I am

One thing is, what sensors have you connected to your Blue? If you have problems with consumption, on USB ports beagle will not boot.

Thats the whole issue…i had plans to integrate airspeed sensor, mm wave radar, GPS and Battery BMS on CAN. And i knew i need to power it through battery for 5V required by GPS though i2c and UART work on 3.3 V even when BBB is powered through USB. But before i could reach a point of integration, this thing happened. Right i was just sorting out the configuration to check sensors with 3.3 V which could be powered through USB.

You can, try to connect to UT0 with an FTDI cable and see if you can get any boot info from the board which might indicate what the issue is.

My Blue died in a similar manner with pretty much showing the same LED sequence. I have not been able to recover it, so an RMA I would suspect is your best option if you can get it.




From what I understand, most of the board can handle 12v from the barrel jack. Outside of what is not handled by the 12v barrel jack, there is the 7.2v LiPo connector and the micro USB that can handle 5v.

In the SRM for the BBB, it seems on page 111, there is a listing of available mA that can be used per power pin.

So, if you go over this amount with that particular power pin, 3.3v or 5.0v, another should be used. I think the power out pin on the BBBlue for instance may be suitable for use for specific logics.


P.S. I think that like with P9_03 and P9_04 on the BBB, you have 250mA per pin at 3.3v. So, one would have to be reluctant to push over 500mA for use with both 3.3v pins in use on their respective locations. For instance, I have a sensor that draws 400mA, an example here, at 3.3v. Neither of those 3.3v pins can be used to power the board, sensor, or actuator in question. I would need another power source. I, as a hobbyist trying to understand everything while still learning, am currently thinking that there are not enough tutorials about the BBBlue but if you want to test to see your amperage, wattage, and/or voltage, one would just hook up some connectors, add power from the respective power supply connector(s), and then test. Right? With a DMM or a scope, you can gather a bunch of info. about your current (no pun intended) status of board usage.