Beagle Bone Blue Sanity Check

Hello everyone,

I engineering student and I am using a Beagle Bone Blue to control a rover platform for one of my classes. This is my first foray into configuring a board like this so you may need to forgive some of my lack of knowledge.

After receiving my board, I was testing the servo output pins and I noticed that the 7th and 8th servo PWM pins is always sending out a 100% duty cycle signal. When I noticed this I reflashed my board to remove all of the firmware I had flashed onto the board (My project group and I decided to use ArduRover to control our robot for those who are familiar). I tested the board immediatly after reflashing the operating system and pin 8 is still always outputting while the 7th stopped sending the signal. I went ahead and fully completed the set up of the board and found that pin 7 started outputting again.

This is not normal with the Beagle Bone Blue right? The pins should only be outputting when programmed to do so right?

Don’t have a bbblue and do not know anything about the ArduRover. This is general starting point, make sure you have the correct device tree overlay(s) in the boot file.