Beagle Bone can't ping or ssh


I have been having a problem with my beaglebone. It seems to boot, the heartbeat LED is blinking. Everything seems fine, but I can’t ping it.I tried both with the USB cable and the ethernet cable.

Could this be a hardware problem?


What are you connecting the Ethernet cable to? Which Linux distro are you running? If you connect the USB cable to a PC does it show up as a storage device?

I have connected the ethernet cable to the beaglebone. I’m using an Ubuntu Raring Armhf with kernel 3.8.13-bone18. The one with Asterix PBX.

Yes, the SD card shows up on my PC.

If you have connected the ethernet cable between the PC and the BBB that is likely the problem. You need to plug the BBB into a router so it can get an IP address assigned. By default, it is setup to get a dynamic IP address via DHCP.

I have connected the ethernet cable to my network (via router). I’ve assigned a static ip to my BB.
I have connected to the BB via USB as well. Both these IPs are not pingable.

Can you connect a monitor to the BBB to see what is happening?

What IP addresses are you trying?

How did you assign a static IP to the BBB?

Is this LAN a home LAN, give us a brief run down of what's connected
to what and what IP addresses you *can* see on the LAN.

Are you sure you are assigning the BBB an IP address on the correct

I use one “guaranteed” way to connect to your board if both the USB and Ethernet fail.

  1. Purchase a DFR0065 FTDI Basic Breakout 3.3/5V (Arduino) board form - there are other boards like this or you can just connect 2 wires to a serial port.

  2. Plug it in to the UART0 pins - it fits perfectly.

  3. Depending on your OS - you can find USB drivers here:

  4. The plug-in a USB cable from your computer into the FTDI board. If you are on windows do this with the device manager open - you will see a new COM port appear. On Windows 8.1 the drivers

  5. Use any terminal program to connect to the serial port with settings 115,200 N81. I use putty pretty much exclusively these days.

Unless you really have a bad board (unlikely) you will connect and an added bonus is that when you reboot the BBB you will see all OS boot messages (dmesg) throughout the boot process.

Hope this helps.