Beagle Bone Driver Signing for windows 10

Is the Driver for the Beagle Bone Black going to be resigned so it can be installed in Windows 10?
There are a couple of work arounds, but they are very user friendly.

Sorry, I led the new certificate request expire. I’ll try to do it again next week. We’d fixed the images to load the pre-installed drivers without providing a pre-sized .INF, but Microsoft broke that in their Christmas update on Windows 10. Getting tired of hearing this, so I’m pounding ever door I know at Microsoft over the next few days.

I also found out that we were not using the latest Image for the Beagle Bone Black. The drivers for the latest image seem to be installing just fine.
Thanks for your work on this.

drivers with an updated signature:

Thanks for your help. This will save us a lot of time.