Beagle Bone Installation Issue

Hi all,

I have the beagle bone A5 revision board with ARM A8-3559 processor and code composer V5.1. I connected the board to windows xp machine using the usb cable without having the microsd card. The system has detected two beagle bone xds100 v2 and subarctic device. I downloaded the usb serial converter drivers from FTDI and able install for it. After installing the device manager shows the usb as ‘usb serial converter A’ and ‘usb serial converter B’. But i couldn’t get the driver for Subarctic. I created the target connections using ‘bbone-target-config.ccxml’ and launched the selected configuration. I tried to connect to target (ARM3559), but i am getting connection error.
What i am suspecting the ‘Subarctic’ driver not installed and USB serial converter product was 6010 but the beagle bone requested one is A6D0. So i uninstalled the driver for the converter and trying to install from beagle bone files ‘ftdibus’ and ‘ftdiport’ which has correct details. But it is not getting installed.

Could you can suggest me the correct procedure for connecting to beagle bone from CCsV5.1.

With Regards