Beagle bone power down Suddenly not booing up again

Hi All

I Have black Beagle bone and i already prepare one sdcard with Prebuilt of Jellybean from the TI.

Everything was working fine i already took vnc also from my Ubuntu desktop machine.

this time i already plugged Ethernet cable and i am getting ip and i am also taking VNC also.

I dnt know what happen with my board or when i applied command for Ethernet up with different IP as i want static ip on board then its suddenly off the board and power LED which was blue that was also gone.

command is like this : ifconfig eth0 netmask up

I tried 2 and 3 times more to make it boot up again but it was not getting up.

So can any one please let me know what happened with my black beagle bone board. why it was suddenly off and not getting even power also.

Any help would be appreciated.


Experience sharing power with the bbb. On Friday I was playing with my bbb and noticed that when I put a battery 5c (2x18650 from a old notebook) he did not turned on ok. Sometimes turned on sometimes not. And so I use an 20c battery. He turns on just fine but my voltage regulator LM7805 warmed a lot (it is 1 ampere i used a Heatsink from a broked computer source power). I had to use a regulator for USB hub and another for the bbb. Both got hot. 1 ampere battery lasted approximately 2 hours.