Beagle Bone Setup CCSV5.1 On Windows: Programming in C

Hello All,

I am considering the BeagleBone platform for a course project over the summer. I have limited experience working with MCUs (have used Arduino, MSP430 “LaunchPad”, HCS12 and other beginner platforms), I am currently using the MSP430, programming in C, and need something far more powerful to drive a graphical LCD display. I am wondering how easy/difficult it is to use the BeagleBoard in CCS for C programming. Mainly I hope to use some of the I/O pins, Timer interrupts, Edged Triggered interrupts and display information on an LCD. Most of what I have been reading online has been for Linux development, or has been over my head. Installing StaterWare and using the instructions here for BeagleBone seems relatively straightforward:

However, I’m more concerned about how difficult it is to compile, upload and step-through code as is done with with MSP430. With the MSP430 it is very easy to step through code and see what data is in an array or variables by simply using breakpoints. I hope to use CCS and Windows to do the same thing with BeagleBone if possible. Can anyone recommend a good resource or set of resources for doing that?

Thank you very much.