Beagle Bone to read Serial data through UART and Transmit through USB for Various HP Printers

Hello Engineers,

We are currently working on Debian Based Linux Environment. We are trying to read serial data into Beagle Bone Black through UART and Print information on HP Printers.
We have already developed a program to route the Serial UART data to respective HP Pinter. We have also installed all the PPD files from HPLIP to the Debian Linux OS.
It seems not communicating after several days. Could someone can gives us few directions or tutorials to overcome this problem.

Please let me know, Looking forward to hearing from you all and happy to hear suggestions and advice a well.

Sai Santha

Normally all I do on debian/beagleboneblack is run the hp-setup tool to create the print queues and then edit cupsd.conf to allow access from my local network, eg:

<Location />
  Order allow,deny
  Allow localhost
  Allow 192.168.10.*     # add something like this

If you only need local (device) access, then ignore that ^^ and check the local user permissions, eg, add the local user your program runs as to the lpadmin group and check the cups log files for errors (permissions or otherwise). Depending on the driver version and printer model, I’ve seen at least one printer that randomly gets “paused” by cups after sitting idle for a while and the only workaround I have for that (besides replacing the printer) is to manually “un-pause” it via cups.