beagle boot up

Hi guys,
I just got a beagle board... its REV C3 with omap 3530... I’ve been
following the reference manual... i ve connected a db9 connector to it
and a female to female serial cable... through a serial to usb
converter to my laptop... the baud is set to 115200.. Also the SD card
is transcend 2gb sd mmc... I vet loaded the files given in the manual
to be loaded in the right order n right name...formatted the card to
fat file system using hp storage format software...

When the board is switched on, the terminal (teraterm on win 7 and
gtkterm on fedora13) displays only the first line
Texas instruments x-loader <date>

This line repeats itself again...when i press n hold the user button
the lines till

Texas instruments x-loader <date>
Out: serial usbtty
Err: serial usbtty
Are displayed.... this happens only few times... I tried directly
connecting the RX TX N gnd pins of the serial pin to the serial port
of comp... But doesn’t seem to be helping ... please tell me what to
Thank you

Hello Suraj,

The settings for the serial connection could be seen here:

The connector and its connections can be seen in the following

My serial connection was working a while ago but after I installed a
new software in my computer, it stoped working. It could also be a
conflict from some other software...


Check your serial configuration: 115200, 8n1, NO control flow.

Don't use the usb-otg cable to power the beagle.


A rev C board should be ok with OTG, but best results will be had from an external power source.

suraj - here is an article on getting Angstrom up and running on rev C boards:

thank you guys ...its working now... there was problem with 5 v
now the beagle boots up... ive set up the sd card to boot angstrom...
it boots up n shows a angstrom logo...