Beagle-Config Logs

Hello Everyone !
Starting a logging thread for beagle-config
Link for proposal - BeagleBoard/GSoC/2021 Proposal/beagle config -
Link for logs -

Thursday, 20th May#

  • Creating a basic menu page(window) for beagle-config
  • Forking a process (a simple shell scripting at start)

Tuesday, 25th May#

  • Arthur Started a discussion here
  • It was decided to make a better and modern looking UI
  • Revamped the UI as per suggestions
  • Commit for the same can be found here

Sunday, 6th June#

  • Revamped the UI with better code (Reduced redundant code)
  • Commit for the same can be viewed here

Week 1#

Monday, 7th June#

  • The main tasks for this week are
    1. Introductory Video
    2. Implement a basic TUI with basic operations like USR LED enable, disable, frequency
    3. Add
    4. Network (ICS and Wireless settings)
    5. ssh configurations

Week 2

Sunday, 13th June#

  • Accomplishments :
    • Intro Video
    • Default ICS
    • Route Table default additions using IOCTL calls
    • Route Table deletions using IOCTL calls
    • Option to input gateways from user

Monday, 14th June#

  • Configurations to add
    1. Wireless
    2. SSH
    3. USR Led COnfiguration
    4. Logging

Week 3

Sunday, 20th June#

  1. Studied IPC
  2. Studied DBus
  3. Implemented hello world with Connman
  4. Cross compiled dbus
  • Blog for the same here

Tuesday, 22nd June#

  1. Added LED configuration
  • Issue : The UI has a broken scrolling

Week 4

Week 5

Friday, 2nd July#

Saturday, 3rd July#

Sunday, 4th July#

  • Uninitialized pointer caused infinite loop
  • To recognise such errors quickly Arthur (mentor) has added Address Sanitizer options

Monday, 5th July#

WiFi Connection Demo asciicast

Kanban - beagle-config · GitHub

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Week 6

Friday, 9th July

  • Started working on merging feature branches

  • Worked on implementing code in modular components itself

Sunday, 11th July

  • Arthur brought in many new features to FTXUI and here as well

  • USB stopped working on my laptop (both the SS USB ports)

  • Merged LED branch


Tuesday, 13th July


  • Sent ICS PR Link

  • Working on integrating Wireless config in modular components

Week 7

  • Created an issue for ics Link
  • PR for wireless Link
  • Shifted to a new place with my family

Week 8

Fri, Jul 23#

  • Upstream commit 09714c7a760d77304fc797d8b75e40e633723ab1 - Link

Sunday, Jul 25#

Wireless (#22)

Brings in Wireless feature

  • Relies on connman
  • Connect
  • Disconnect
  • List networks
  • Lists active network
  • Possible issues : Connman may take over some additional services causing undefined behaviour.
  • Possible Workarounds / Sol : Add extra functionality to backup resolv.conf and others that can be manipulated by Connman


  • Fixes #21
  • Solves #23 asciicast

Mon, Jul 26#

  • Better UI for emmc-sd

Tue, Jul 27#

  • Grows Partitions too
  • Depends on /opt/scripts/tools/
  • Removed definitions from src/utils.hpp to src/utils.cpp
  • Demo:
    • Before: asciicast
    • After asciicast

Wed, Jul 28#

Week 9

PRU On/Off (#27)

Feature: PRU On/Off

  • Tabular UI for PRUSS
  • Actions - On/Off
  • Info on firmware
  • Removed scripts/ as it’s not needed anymore
  • Added exit button
  • Use Individual PRU.
  • Use a class to represent an individual PRU. This lead to simpler and 2x shorter code.
  • Moreover, the buttons about a PRU are groups with the info about the PRU.

Week 10

  • GPIO Configuration added
  • Logo added by Arthur
  • Minor UI Tweaks
  • Discussion on OverlayFS
  • It’s time to start documenting which will be done this weekend.
  • Until then two simple features of enabling overlay root using cmdline, sensors will be added.