This is the proposal for beagle-config. It would be a great help if @zmatt could check for the functionalities.

Suggestion was to reach out to @zmatt on #beagle on freenode. The deadline was much earlier today, so I hope you submitted an official proposal. The system is just for drafts and the final proposals needed to be submitted on

I’d say in this community, Kconfig would be the definitive in-depth configuration tool. You should definitely examine that more deeply.

I’d made the suggestion to you on #beagle-gsoc to look into Debian package configuration to tie into the GitHub - beagleboard/customizations package. I don’t see that considered anywhere in the proposal.

Love the initiative of identifying what was causing you and others problems in using the boards and tackling it.

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Apologies for the indecency.
I did go through debian config-packages and beagleboard/customizations . I believe on matrix this was your suggestion for manual verification steps too.
Yes, I haven’t mentioned in the recipe outlines any permissions required to initiate a configuration. I planned to handle it using the udev rules.
About KConfig, yes it’s a much in-depth configuration tool for the kernel. But the Kconfig framework is complex, and the increase or decrease of the configuration requires modification of the multi-layer subproject Kconfig. The goal with beagle-config is to make it easy similar to raspi-config or armbian-config.
I couldn’t find #freenode_#beagle on matrix for unknown reason. ; (