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Why move? I like getting this in my thunderbird inbox.

You can get content in your Inbox as well.


I've been reading via gmane's NNTP gateway (though I will admit that
for some reason sending via it had worked for a few months, after that I
had to use the GoogleGroups email address [and remember to reply as email])

  Unfortunately my preferred email client doesn't seem to have a option
to burst digests into individual messages, which means a lot of overhead to
ensure subject line reflects actual post (and probably will break threading
anyway as the message-ID is for the digest, not the post). My newsreader
does have burst capability -- but to avoid conflicts I'd have to create a
new email account just for the list...

You can get content in your Inbox as well.

I’ve been reading via gmane’s NNTP gateway [snip]

Anyone know how to get Gmane setup with Discourse? doesn’t respond for me–I got a Cloudflare 522 error.

Would public-inbox[1] work?

Any lessons-learned from the Debian exploration[2]? It seems it might be down.


I have received no emails from discourse so far. Yes i told it to send me mails.

This change seems to break something that was working well

some times change sucks

Well, two matters:

  1 is not

  2 After something happened a few years back, gmane essentially lost
"" and was recreated as "" (even if it
keeps mangling users with a header) Add new list --- though they have this
preference listed
Please request only lists that are public and open to everybody. If you
have any doubt that the people on the mailing list wouldn't appreciate
having the mailing list on Gmane, ask the mailing list admin first.
The page comes up with no login, I don't know what a gmane login grants...

I tried to join but the confirmation email won’t get past my firewall:

Jul 8 16:56:59 ec2-3-233-190-49 postfix/smtpd[23504]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using; Your ISP LINODE-AP Linode, LLC, US/AS63949 is UCEPROTECT-Level3 listed because of a spamscore of 60.3. See:;

I could remove the ‘uceprotect’ blocker, but it really has worked very well for us. Could you request an unlisting from these guys or will I have to drop it?
Best, Dan.