Beagle on a chip - Octavo Systems releases OSD3358

Octavo Systems announced today they have released their OSD3358, the guts of a BeagleBone Black including processor, RAM, power management and 140 passives in a single chip package (system-in-package or SIP).

This means for those looking to do variants of the BeagleBone, your work just got a lot simpler with 142 less parts to source and place on your PCB design. You can potentially also use large mechanical drills and fewer layers on your board. SOMs may have their place for greater customization and even further integration, but this puts the majority of that into a single package using popular traditional assembly methods (pick-and-place and a reflow oven).

This also means that for people doing capes, it might not be so complex to simply integrate this device onto your PCB and make a fully functional system.

Further, for select designs looking to stay highly engaged with the community and maintain as much system compatibility as possible, the logo program ( can help you participate in building the community.

You can probably tell I’m pretty excited about this. No first product is without its warts and I’m sure we’ll hear a few of those soon, but I’ve personally helped do board bring up on some 5 or so designs so far around this chip without a substantial hiccup related to the SIP. It has been super easy to work with and can help save a lot of headaches.

Hi Jason,

This is simply amazing. This removes all the high tech from the PCB design so almost anyone can build their own boards and also reduces significantly the board cost. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.



If I had a complaint, I’d complain “why only 512M ram ?” But this is truly an awesome thing. I’m not an EE, but I know that layout for DDR memory is no joke. So having that all on one chip, plus everything else surely helps.

They have a 1GB version.

They have a 1GB version.

Then, I’d really have no complaint. Hopefully these are priced reasonably ? Maybe we can get these people to keep us updated on the list here ? I’d love to work on a project using one of these.

One thing I’m unclear on however. I think the AM335x on the BBB is limited in how many pins have been brought out to the headers right ? I wonder if using one of these could correct that ?

The SIP brings out all of the AM3358 pins except for the DDR3 signals.

Hi Jason,

This SIP is exciting news!
Congrats to you and your team for such a stable, successful BeagleBone Black that could go on for years
in different forms due to known reliability and all-round excellent feature-set.
Also it is always amazing to see all the hard work from the developers in the community too, for this amazing platform.
Congratulations again!!

Very cool!!! The $30 1K price seems very reasonable, particularly
considering the engineering effort saved.

So is this why there are currently no AM335x CPUs available?!? :wink: