Beagle schematics in KiCAD, please?

Can we please start using KiCad for Beagle projects?

KiCad 7 has been released. KiCad 5 might not have qualified as “good enough”, but version 7 certainly does.

One of the things that is particularly annoying about using TI/Beagle stuff is that simply getting all the power domains wired up correctly is non-trivial. Having a set of schematics that people can start from would make the Beagle ecosystem MUCH more useful.


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I am not the right person to discuss this issue, i.e. as I know little about KiCAD for now. I have used it in the past and there was once a Cape idea for it. I think 4.x or 5.x had it installed by default.

That is a start. I am not a real CAD person for now. So, I will leave it be but I figured it would have been a given in the 7.x versioning.


P.S. I cannot remember but some source out there can gather and translate some BBB related items to KiCAD. Offhand, I cannot remember what it is currently. Older schematics were hosted on github and now on gitlab (I think). I can check and get back to you…


I cannot remember the software at this moment in time that handled the 3D view that translates to KiCAD but: ALLEGRO · master · / BeagleBone Black · GitLab

Understood. We have converted previous designs to KiCAD and BeagleConnect Freedom is designed in KiCAD!

We are trying to grow team expertise in KiCAD, but we’ll get there. We totally get why it is important.