Beagle xm Boot up freeze and no LCD !!!

Hi All,

Newbie here .....

I got my new xm( hummm yummyyy !!! ) , and I am starting to play with
it .... First of all I have not got a 5V power supply so I am powering
up from USB ... problem is the booting process starts well, then
freezes when it starts unpacking the Kernel ... it just stays there
for ever ( using the image that came with the Beagle , Arnstrong) ...
is it because it needs more power ?? external 5V .. I have ordered one
BTW ... hopefully is that ..

Also there is no LCD signal, I have the HDMI to DVI, but my LCD is
actually VGA, so I bought a VERY expensive DVI to VGA converter but
there is nothing happening ...(waaaaaaa....waaaaaaaa...)

Any ideas ???

Many thanks !


Yes. The board does NOT support VGA on the HDMI output. This is clearly sated in the System Reference Manual. You must use a DVI-D monitor, not VGA.


It doesn't sound like a power supply problem. Can you run a serial line / post serial output?


I had a variety of problems with bootup kernel panics and hangs using a powered usb hub.

A 5v supply solved everything.



I dont know if this is already fixed in current demo images, but booting with the usb connected, freezes when the g_ether module is loaded (because the usb is connected, the /dev/usb1 ethernet is loaded/initialized)

You need to use the 5v power supply


What DVI → VGA converter is that? is it an active converter (as Gerald told you there are not analog signals on the hdmi port in the -xM)

You might want to try the BeagleBoard Toys VGA module (it connects directly to the LCD expansion port), after testing a couple of them the image is displayed correctly but the colors and gamma is incorrect, but maybe it works for you (your resoultion/image/lcd panel)


HI Guys,

Many Many thanks and many many Beagle Blessing for your answers ...
Getting my 5V power supply and proper DVI monitor ... Lioric Z3 the
DVI to VGA is a simple adapter, female in one side and female on
the other, takes a DVI and plugs to the VGA ... I paid £20 for the
stupid thing !! ..

Thanks again guys ... you'll see a lot of me around here though ...


I love the concept of a “Beagle Blessing”. I propose that that be the new coin of the realm in community recognition.