Beagle XM GPMC

I am a little confused by the reference manual entry -
The GPMC bus is not accessible on the BeagleBoard.
Its connectivity is limited to the POP memory access on the top of the
processor and therefore is only accessible by the NAND memory.

I would like to use the GPMC for connection to other devices using
multiplexed address/data.
Can I use this bus ?

Thanks for your help.

GPMC is not accessible on the BeagleBoard. There are no connections to the pins on the bottom of the processor. GPMC i son top of the processor under the POP memory, but it is not practical to access there as it would in essence destroy the board by removing the memory that is currently mounted on top of the processor…


Hi Gerald,
Thanks for the response -
So even if I re-layout the board the GPMC is not available because the
designated signal pins are no-connect on the DM3730 ?
If that is correct I am in trouble !
What are my options ?
John T

The signals are not a NC on the processor. They are there. Just not connected to on the PCB. Just read the datasheet for the processor.


thats a relief -whew you helped alot.
Thanks, John T.