beagle xm startup spi chip select


I'm developing a project based on the beagleboard-xm. While debugging
the process to read x-loader off an SDCard, it appears the chip select
line (CS, mmc1_data3) remains high. Shouldn't this be low when

I have question regarding the SD Card detect on the beagleboard. I
see that net MMC_CD goes into U7_P12 (the TPS65950). From there I
know that a signal is sent via U7_F10 (sys_nIRQ0) to the DM3730.

On our custom board we do not have a card detect pin on the SD
connector. I do have access (a testpoint) to the sys_nIRQ0 pin on the
DM3730, though. My questions is, what does that interrupt look like?
Perhaps we can mimic it upon startup??

Our other thought is to amend the xloader code on the SD card so that
it does not look for a card detect.

Thanks for your advice.