Beagle XM: Use as part of low volume production system


I understand the current BeagleBoard is not intended for use in
production devices. Will this change with the XM?

The feature set of the XM (assuming 10" a touch LCD can be added) is a
match for my requirements (Integrated Ethernet), and it would be
interesting to use the board as a component in systems sold by my



None of the beagle boards are to be used in end products. Now, as always, the desing material is freely available and if you choose to build it yourself with your name on it for use in a product, then that is fine.


For low volume production, I don't think I can share this link enough
times: I tried to
start a table to address specific selection concerns at,
but I didn't get a lot of inputs. Anyway, the wiki page is updated by
the vendors.