[beagleboard] 0xdroid release beagle-eclair-0x4, devkit8k-eclair-0x4

Hello list,

0xlab team is glad to announce the forth release of 0xdroid. 0xdroid
is community-developed Android istribution by 0xlab, runs on omap3
based boards include beagleboard and devkit8000.

Version: beagle-eclair-0x4, devkit8k-eclair-0x4
What's new in this release?
* Eclair codebase
* Improve software graphics performance in Eclair
* New hardware: DevKit8000
* Touchscreen support along with calibration UI
* 3G modem / Data card support
* Refined system image installer
* Small screen support
* ARM optimized string operations
* ARMv6 atomic operation improvement
* Merge skia ARMv6/ARMv7 optimization from QuIC

You can grab the image from http://downloads.0xlab.org/release/ and
following the steps described on the wiki page to test the image.

This release comes with a new happy installer emphasizes on simplify
the install process. Just unzip the files to the SD card, insert and
reboot then done. Various advanced options are configured through
config file.

The released image contains two prebuilt games, Frozen Bubble and
Simon Tatham's portable puzzles, both are popular games ported to
Android platform.

Instructions at Wiki
* General information: http://code.google.com/p/0xdroid/
* Installation for prebuilt 0xdroid image:
* Build from scratch: http://code.google.com/p/0xdroid/wiki/Source

Project page / SCM: http://gitorious.org/0xdroid
Bug report: http://code.google.com/p/0xdroid/issues/list
Mailing-list (general): http://groups.google.com/group/0xlab-discuss
Mailing-list (development): http://groups.google.com/group/0xlab-devel
0xlab YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/0xlab

The games' source:
FrozenBubble: http://code.google.com/p/frozenbubbleandroid/
SGTPuzzles: http://chris.boyle.name/projects/android-puzzles

Kan-Ru Chen
0xlab Team - http://0xlab.org/

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to run the distribution from an SD card. I do not want to flash it to the nand of my beagleboard.

I did not find any instructions on the 0xdroid website, only how to use the sd-card to flash the nand.


Best regards,

2010/4/26 Kan-Ru Chen <kanru@0xlab.org>


I found in the install file a comment that enables to install to the sd card. But this fails.
I think the problem is with the partition scheme.
I have created a 100MB fat16 partition and put the files there. This works for the first 2 files but when the installer wants to extract the root filesystem it gives the error unable to mount ubi fs.

Can someone give me a hint on what partion schemes to use? A bigger fat16? a second partition ext2/3?

Thanks for the update.


2010/4/27 Wouter Verstraeten <woutch@gmail.com>


Will 0xdroid also support the Hawkboard?



hi German,

Probably now, we at 0xlab focus on ARMv7/OMAP3 platform now.
Hawkboard is ARM9 based,
so we might not support it directly. However, the source code is
right there. Feel free
to hack.

Jim Huang (jserv)